1. Press 
  2. Press 
  3. Allow access to your camera.
  4. Line up the blue scanner border with the outside of your document page.
  5. Press the white circle at the bottom of the page to initiate the scan.
  6. If your document is scanned sideways, you can tap Rotate or Rescan to fix it.
  7. Add pages until you’re ready to upload:
  8. If you have more than one page, select .
  9. Press  when all pages have been scanned.
  10. Preview your scanned documents.
  11. Press  to rescan or  to move to the next step!
⚠️ You can quit scanning at any point, but you’ll lose all progress from previous scans.


  • Place the document on a dark/contrasting background. For example, placing a white document on a white background will result in an error while attempting to scan.
  • Step back and ensure you’re lining up the edges of the document with the blue border. Hold the device steady at a straight angle.
  • If your document has many content blocks/borders, try taking a step back so the scanner can focus on the entire document as opposed to smaller pieces of the document within it.